I have become great friends with the woman who entered the Sisters of Mercy with me.  We have spent this first year of religious life discerning whether or not God is calling us to be sisters, and if Mercy- an apostolic community- is the life for us.  There are three types of communities-  movies are a great illustration (These are great so if you haven’t seen them go watch them!)

  • cloistered (sound of music)
  • monastic (sister act II)
  • apostolic (where angels go trouble follows)

My friend feels God is calling her to a monastic community.  Our loss is their gain, but I know that as long as she follows God then it’s not a loss at all!

mindbump suggested by Jaded Muse

“Write about something you lost. It could be a person; a pet, a day of the week, an article of clothing. Anything. How did the loss make you feel?”


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