What’s cookin’ good look’n?

I grew up with Mom telling me to eat up because there are starving children in China (don’t ask me how she knew these kids, Mom just knows!), but as I became a foodie and subsequently a cook I’ve developed a passion and a respect for food. I think it’s an injustice to waste food though sheer excess, uninformed cooking (asparagus should be crisp, darn it!), unsound farming practices, etc. In short, be mindful of what you are eating; animal or vegetable its a life and someone’s livelihood. This is something I’ve felt strongly about for a while, but when I read a resent post from This Messy Jesus Business it got me thinking again, especially about responsible farming and sustainability. We need to think locally, and consider the long term costs of our actions and the impact that we have on our global society.

Have you checked out your local farmer’s market?  I discover new things there all the time, like a squash called a buttercup! Have you found anything new and interesting at the market?

mindbump suggested by Testube“If there was one person who best exemplified everything that you are against, who would that person be? Who is the “anti-you”?”


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  1. Connect with Mercy Blog
    Oct 19, 2011 @ 12:34:39

    At our office, we have quite a few staff members who grow their own vegetables and herbs, or buy them at the farmers market nearby. More often than not, extras are left on the office kitchen counter to share with whomever is interested and they’re usually taken in minutes!


    • blackconstance
      Oct 19, 2011 @ 22:12:52

      That’s awesome! I’ve really enjoyed growing a few things around the house this year, but the highlight of my season has been the unusual things like lemon grass, and nasturtiums. The fact that I had a bumper crop of lemon grass as well as mint has forced me to be creative in my menu planning, and to bond with my neighbors who obligingly take extra off my hands!


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