I just got back from a weekend workshop in St. Louis on systemic change and I have to say that I am so glad to be in community, in the body of Christ, in the Sisters of Mercy, in the network of all people who strive to change unjust social systems!  The first day of our workshop was spent in a brief overview of how systems work in our lives: government, society, culture, etc.  They are everywhere!  Just to look at them all boggles the mind!  And to think that we need to “give a man a fish” and “teach him to fish” simultaneously would be a task so daunting that no one could challenge the status quo without community to back them up and strengthen them.

And our community does strengthen us.  The second day of the workshop we examined the call to address injustice from scripture, faith tradition, and Mercy tradition.  Without the strength of community and a life of faith no one person could face the task, but together we find our deep joys and connect them with the deep hungers of the world to create new ways of living and loving together.  God invites us into this process of co-creation, this birthing of love.  I think the Hebrew word for mercy, Rachamim, really captures the essence of this call.  Rachamim literally means the womb of YHWY trembles.  How powerful an image is that!   To think we are called to enter into this birthing process with our creator to bring about justice and mercy in the world is amazing, and so energizing!


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