It’s a good thing Easter is 50 days!

I meant to post this awhile ago, but its still Easter so its not late…. right!?

I like Palm Sunday as much as the next person but I never cared for calling out for Jesus’ crucifixion during the Gospel narrative.  When the priest announced that, as the body of Christ, we all would be reading the words spoken by Jesus along with him I was so surprised and delighted!  The priest came down and stood in the middle of the center aisle facing the altar with us.  This was such a powerful experience for me, especially since throughout lent the homilies have been directed toward the theme that we are the body of Christ.

Saying with the priest the words which Jesus spoke in the garden when he said, “I AM” made me think of how often in our daily lives we must face the fear of persecution in this secular world in order to be Christ to others, and to be open to doing the will of God.  Its hard to imagine being in Jesus’ place in that garden when his friend betrayed him, when his fellow country men turned on him because of what he said and did in the name of God.  We all face similar situation everyday.  Do we stand up for a moral issue?  Do we stop our friends when they tell an immoral joke, or do we laugh because everyone else is.  It is so hard to be in the world and not of it, but that is what and who we are called to be as disciples, as a sign of God’s love for us and for the whole of creation.


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