The best prize is a surprise

So I was sitting on a park bench on my day off about to curl up with a good book (The Historian in case you were wondering) when it started to rain.  I looked up, scowling with disappointment at first, then I realized that God is in the storm just as much as the sunshine.   That instant I became aware of the smell of summer rain as the occasional drop made it through the trees to my shoulder, and Sunday’s homily came back to me.  The priest had reminded us that God can often be found in the interruptions if we just take a moment to be aware of the present.

It amazes me how the world can suddenly come into focus when life is interrupted.  In fact, one of my favorite morning prayer petitions has the response, “God of surprises, show us your face.”  As I sat in the park all the things I hadn’t noticed a moment ago became so acutely important: the wind gently rocking the hanging plants, a chipmunk- which I have never before heard make a sound- chirping on a log; all of this captivated me, and filled me with the sense of peace, and respite which I had hoped to achieve by curling up with a good book.


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