“If we had some eggs we could have eggs and ham, if we had some ham.”

So I walked into work the other day- and I have got to tell you its a bad sign when I can’t make it from the dinning room door to the kitchen without being stopped by a crisis- and it was just one of those days.  Before I even got into my Chef coat I was informed that we were running out of milk and cereal.  Turns out that recently more people have been coming to the soup kitchen for breakfast, in fact the number of guests has more than doubled!  I couldn’t figure it out, after two years what would have changed to cause so many more people to come out for breakfast?  That’s when I found out that SNAP benefits had been cut.  What is SNAP you ask, well it’s what they used to call food stamps with more focus on getting people to buy healthy food (gettingsnap.org).

Sounds like a good idea right?  So why would anyone vote to cut this program?  Well frankly it was the Afghanistan War vs the poor, and the budget had to be balanced somehow.  SNAP benefits will be cut off for 1.8 million people, as well as limiting access to free school lunches for 280,000 low-income children.

So at the soup kitchen we have gone from 18 boxes of cereal a week to more than 40.  All this during a hard economic time when the government can’t send as much funding our way, everyone is competing for grants, and individuals can’t donate as much as they used to.  Well, there is always the ol’ kitchen motto: Make it work!

Here is a little more from Congress- a 5 min montage of the 90 minutes of speeches made in favor of bringing troops home:


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