Thanksgiving is a word of action

Well, who would have thought it, Thanksgiving is here already!  My how time flies, last time I checked it was still October.  But, on the eve of the great feast I find myself once again up to my elbows in turkeys.  As it stands the score is Chef: 14 Turkeys:31.  I’m a bit behind I know but I believe I can pull it together and win this thing!  I had planned to have 8 more done already but fortunately for me a volunteer has swooped in and picked up the slack leaving me free to make stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole.  Now all that I have to worry about is juggling limited oven space and 20+ volunteers!

All told I’m really very excited about how things will be done this year.  We have gourd center pieces, white table cloths, cider, and little oil lamps!  It may not sound like much but all together it will really make the soup kitchen look very festive.  I’ll post pictures tomorrow unless I’m in a turkey induced comma, or we could blame the pie seeing as two and a half shelves are stacked full of pies right now!


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