Getting fancy at the Soup Kitchen

Many people wonder Oven roasted chicken with chutneywhere I get the food for the meals at the soup kitchen, and while much of our food comes from donations, we are able to buy food from Food Share thanks to their grant programs.  I recently ordered four cases of pears form them thinking that they would make nice healthy snacks, however they are as hard as rocks.  So brainstorming some ideas for cooked pears lead me to create a roasted pear and chestnut chutney using the lemon vinegar I made from all those lemons.  I also received a wonderful donation from the university run co-op down the street.  This week they brought us celeriac, which if you have never seen it, is a pretty ugly looking veggie.  Celeriac, also known as celery root, is tasty, healthy, and great mashed like potatoes.  The menu turned out to be oven roasted chicken with the roasted pear and chestnut chutney served over puree of celeriac and potato.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

I did have a hard time convincing the guests to give it a try but those who did were pleasant surprised for the most part.  One man who had come for lunch shared with me how excited he was to try something new, and  although I can’t say that this was everyone’s response I was very happy to hear that my menu was enjoyed by most.

Here is my basic intro to celeriac:


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