Make it happen!

I love to garden. It’s too bad that gardening can be so expensive though. As a community we need to be aware of our budget and consciously live a simple life. My desire to live simply and to create a beautiful garden met the other day in a spur of the moment decision to construct a raised bed from recycled shipping pallets.

Here is what I used:Raised bed construction

  • 2 free shipping pallets
  • 2 corner brackets- left over from an ikea trip
  • nails or screws- and appropriate tools
  • crowbar- this is a must!

Step 1:
Use the crow bar and hammer to carefully remove the boards from the pallets. I recommend gloves and safety glasses for this.
Step 2:
Lay out your raised bed and make sure it forms an even rectangle.
Step 3:
Nail the corners together. If the nails refuse to stay put use corner brackets. I had to consult my architect sister about this and she explained that old weathered boards will not hold nails as well.
Step 4:
Fill with dirt. I got all the free dirt I needed from my local department of public works.

So there it is a lovely raised bed and all I paid for was a few plants. Originally I had wanted to buy some planters and leave it at that but wanting to repurpose something, and save our budget a little, lead me to do something bigger and far more creative.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. suzanne deliee
    May 13, 2013 @ 23:07:20

    Great Idea, So what did you plant? zOr better said What are you going to plant?

    Last year I planted green beans in a window box. Bad idea! Plenty of green but no bean. I tried upside down tomatoes over the fire escape but soon had the fire escape “police” after me even though it didn’t touch. Taint right obstructing mother nature.
    So I’m still thinking.

    Keep going


  2. blackconstance
    May 14, 2013 @ 16:33:15

    I planted cone flowers and zinnias; Sister planted marigolds. I won a wildflower kit so when the seedlings are big enough I will transplant them out there. I have lots of other garden spaces around the house too! It really beautiful!


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