When you get tired of walking around in San Francisco, you can always lean against it.

I’m writing from the airport here in San Francisco, waiting for a red-eye; leaving has been the only down side of this city. The people are lovely, the scenery in beautiful, and the hills are wacky.
I came out here nine days ago for a week long workshop on Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, with all of the women who are in the first few years of formation. This was my last “candidate connection” since I will become a novice in just a few weeks so this time spent with my fellow candidates was very special to me. We have bonded so much over the past year or two and I will miss meeting up with them during my canonical year of Novitiate.
We had many great discussions and laughs this week as our presenter led us in prayer and dance in the spirit of Catherine. Each day introduced to us a new facet of Catherine’s life, and connected it with our own stories. The day we discussed Catherine’s view of ministry was well timed for me since I have been reflecting on my own time in ministry. It seemed that everyone also felt deeply connected to Catherine’s spirituality when we were encouraged to write our own suscipes. We danced almost every night, and laughed as we enjoyed the company of the local community.
We also had the opportunity to enjoy the local flavor of the city when we visited pier 39. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to be together in such a fun place. As the week came to a close I was very touched when the group blessed my fellow novice-elect and myself as a send off. This was a special time full of blessing and a great conclusion to my three years of candidacy.



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