We name you our sister

Looking back on the sixth I am so moved by all the warmth and welcoming I felt as I was a received as a novice. I didn’t have much time between my meeting with the North East leadership team, who had to approve me for the novitiate, and the actual ceremony. In only three weeks my director and I arranged all the details and the food, picked readers and speakers. I of course selected Jeremiah 28:11-14, “I know the plans I have for you”. I also picked Mark 10:46-52 which is the healing of the blind man. One of the things I love about this passage is the image of the blind man, who has been called forth, being led to Jesus by the community of believers around him. I thought this reading would be really meaningful since I am a new member joining a community who is so deeply rooted in God.
The sense of community in the church was so palpable that day too! There were sisters from each state in the region. Some traveled all day, others left vacations and family to be there for me. I was moved by there presence and their communal blessing as they affirmed me as sister. Their personal welcoming of me at the reception following the ceremony was a very reflective moment for me. It brought me back to my entrance ceremony and the receiving line that seemed interminable. By my estimate close to the same number of people attended both ceremonies but the receiving line seemed much shorter and faster now that I know most people’s names.
I have gotten to know so many sisters, companions, and associates over the past three years. I feel a deeper sense of belonging now, a greater sense of being home. This assures me that I am following, to the best of my ability, the path God called me to. Thinking about the future is so exciting even though I’m sure I can’t guess what God has in store for me. I believe that whatever surprises await me will be good ones, and will be met with the love and support of not only my community but my family and friends as well.


More pictures coming soon!


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