Decorating on a Dime

So one of the challenges I have run into in novitiate life is the looming reality of moving.  It sounds crazy I know, just Sunday we officially kicked off our canonical year which will last one year plus one day thanks to the Vatican.  Nonetheless, packing will be a reality all too soon I know and I do not want to have to find an extra suitcase for all of my crafts and decorations.  What is my solution you ask?  Origami!  It’s cheep and recyclable which are both important qualities for the life of a vowed religious.

Homemade bat wreath

Homemade bat wreath

I couldn’t believe that it was October already, and that might have been because I had a summer themed wreath still hanging on my door.  So I ran out to Micheal’s, 40% off coupon in hand, and grabbed some orange ribbon.  I have lots of wreath ideas on my pinterest board so I used those as my inspiration for this Halloween wreath.

I found some twine to hang the wreath with and I simply wrapped a wreath form I had on hand with the orange ribbon.  I used masking tape to secure the ribbon- you could hot glue it but my glue gun didn’t make it to the novitiate.  The yellow and white ribbon were items I had saved from previous purchases.  I created the three tiered ribbon embellishment simply by looping the ribbon back upon it’s self and taping it.  Here are the origami links I used to make the three bats which I also taped to the wreath: top bat, middle bat, bottom bat.  When Halloween is passed I will simply replace the bats with general fall items.

Happy crafting!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Meg
    Oct 03, 2013 @ 08:51:50

    Quite clever and creative, Mandy! Meg


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