Greetings everyone,

I apologize for not writing in sometime. As some of you may know, I recently began working on a masters of Theology. Studying does not leave me much time for my other interests and most of my writing time goes into papers and research projects.

I look forward to continuing with my blog here at A Deer Thirsts in May when this semester ends; unless perhaps I have some homework I think you might all be interested in reading!

Thank you for your continued support and please sign up for the email list to be notified when I next publish a post.

Peace and Mercy

Sr. Mandy

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  1. Gail Waring RSM says:

    Hi, Mandy, hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying your studies. Would enjoy reading a synopsis of some of your papers!, Have you been able to take a class or meet Ilia Delio? Hope all your classes have not been online and that you have been able to participate in campus life. All is well with me. It’s been a hermit life for nearly a year. Grateful to have just received my second vaccination. Daily solitary walks have been keeping me sane💕😘🙏

    1. Amanda rsm says:

      Thank you Gail! Maybe I’ll put up some things from class! I was really proud of my paper last semester looking at the Christologies of Catherine of Siena and Julian of Norwich, for example!

  2. Judy Carey says:

    Mandy, blessings on your work as a student! I know that you will enter deeply into your studies. In due time, we will benefit from the gifts of this journey as you share reflections.
    Stay well and safe! Judy

  3. Sr. Priscilla Moreno says:

    Hi Mandy, I will be looking forward to reading your reflections when you get the chance to write again. Blessings on your studies.

    1. Amanda rsm says:

      Thank you Priscilla!

  4. Norma Pelletier says:

    Mandy, HOW exciting and challenging the quest you have begun!!
    You have many good things ahead of you!!

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