About My Journey

cropped-img_0123.jpgOnce upon a time I was an Aerospace Engineering Student.  Turns out that wasn’t the life for me.  In my search for a new career path I landed in Religious Studies, but none of the potential careers seemed to fit me either.  Quite by happenstance I found an on campus job assisting in the catering kitchen and I fell in love… with food.  I’ve always loved food, but I was not a natural born chef in fact I was banned from the kitchen after I burned rice so badly that it destroyed the pot.  So began my culinary career half way through college.  By the time I graduated I knew two things: I wanted to go to culinary school and become a chef, and I wanted to enter religious life and become a sister.  I have done both but my journey in not finished.  I continue to serve, explore, make mistakes, and find God in new and surprising ways.  This is my journey.